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‘Amar Spot’ is a trading platform to deal in gold and silver on Spot price basic. It provides their members an easier interface to purchase and sale bullion on attractive price compare to other competitors.
Amar Spot has introduced gold contract of hundred grams of 999 purity and 1 kg of 995 Purity, which is very useful for members to deal in this commodity. Amar Spot offers simplest and fastest way to trade in bullion where you will get very competitive price for bullion. We also take care of customers that they will get very decent rates if they join us.

Amar Spot members can instantly buy or sale gold and silver on the click of button. Amar Spot is the ideal platform to buy or sale gold and silver to get a fruitful benefit. It is easy, quick and simple.

AMAR spot is not a spot exchange this is only a software to help customer for physical delivery(Buy or sale).

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