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Details regarding the mechanism of trade confirmation and T+2

    Trade confirmation

        1.  Trade by Market Price

v     Customers connect to the AMAR SPOT server to get login with his own ID & Password.

v     When the customer gets logged in, he will be able to see the market watch with live price of all the symbols of AMAR SPOT.

v      The customer will have to click on a specific symbol to open the buy-sell window.

v     In the buy-sell window the customer will be able to see the live price, from that Customer will decide to buy or sell. For trade confirmation, Customer will have to click on the buy or sell option. After clicking on the buy or sell option for trade confirmation, customer will get the trade confirmation ticket number including rate and quantity. Now if the customer wants to see the trade than he would be able to see on the "AMAR SPOT" server terminal in trade option and there he can see the confirm trade above the "Balance."

2.  Trade by Limit

v       Customer place the limit order by his own rates. Customer will be able to see the limit order on the AMAR SPOT terminal, in trade under the "Balance" including limit rates & quantity. When AMAR SPOT ASK rate & the customer's LIMIT RATE will get same the customer's limit order will get confirmed. When the limit order will get confirmed, the customer will automatically see the limit confirm trade above the "Balance" including rates & quantity which he was able to see under "Balance" before limit order confirmation.

3.   Details regarding "T+2"

v      This all trades are physical delivery only.

v      After trade confirmation, customer will have to take the delivery within T+2 morning (e.g. If customer confirms his trade on Monday he must take his delivery by Wednesday). If customer fails to take the delivery by Trade+2 than he will be charged 1% penalty or value date charges will be applicable.


       1) Regularly check the mails because sometimes due to any technical reason or Bank    holidays "T+2" will get converted into "T+1" or only "T".

        2) We will keep you updating regarding this through our mails.



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